Tuesday, November 11, 2008

about being positive

I started a Facebook group recently called “I heart Wilmington house music DJs.” I invited anyone who might “(A) love house music, (B) love Wilmington's own talented house music DJs, or (C) recognize the value of non-commercial dance music to a city's healthy nightlife scene”

I am grateful for the response I have gotten to this group. It has grown beyond just my existing friends, and some people I didn’t think would join actually did.

It caused me to reflect a bit, so I wanted to share some of what I told the group.

Just as one can be a Zen Buddhist and a Christian minister at the same time, you can love house music AND WYSP AND Power99 AND Q102. It's pretty healthy, in fact.

Most of you know that I am practically 100% house music. I have heard people criticize that as being weird, but I suspect they'd never say the same about a jazz enthusiast, a classical music lover or a country music fan. Because of this, "making House music happen in Delaware" has become almost an obsession.

That said, most of you know that I am SUPER supportive of whatever music you are passionate about. I think that is evidenced by how many hip-hop folk are members of this group.

Point is, there's a time and place for all types of music. Some of you were singing WITH me to "Devil Went Down to Georgia" on H'ween, and Mike could tell you that I had more b*lls than him to introduce myself to Ice-T in Vegas. And I recently dredged up an ancient memory of fighting tooth and nail to get Yo MTV Raps up on Rainbow Records' TV on Sat. mornings. And, child, I have moshed, swing-danced, headbanged. I owned Monie Love and Social Distortion CDs in the same year.

I am sure you all recognize that there is a sinful absence of non-commercial music in Delaware. That goes for house music and original rock music. And I bet the hiphop heads fight the same things we do: knuckleheads want to hear the radio music, not the art that many of our talented creators want to put forth. The only way to combat all of this is keep pushing on, don't worry about the drunks, the haters and the cynics...or the greedy bastards who only care about the $.

In a nutshell: follow your bliss, don't hate, just create. And show love for your fellow man's passion. It will come back to you many fold.

And one missed point: dance when you hear a beat you like. Period.

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Bis said...

Whoah, very passionate. My applause!