Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome, Wilmonites

In the grand tradition of mennonites, sodomites, Dolemite, stalactites and termites, I brand thee "wilmonites," a new population of radical, naughty, pimpin, pointy wood-eaters.

No, just kidding. I dub thee wilmonites, since you are the people who give a damn about WilmoNites. Whether your thing is dance music (yay!), hip-hop, rock, opera, Broadway or digeridoo, you know that a lively nightlife scene in Wilmington is critical to the city's ongoing revitalization.

Thanks to great advice by a wonderful Wilmonite, I have hence created a blog. This will complement and/or replace my weekly email blast which your fellow Wilmonites have come to love. Choose your poison -- email, blog or text -- I am coming to get you out of the house no matter how I have to do it.

Ms. "I am the afterparty" Wilmonite Herself