Thursday, August 19, 2010

current events

"I see your gun, and I'll raise you a daisy." That popped into my head today. (Thought I'd put it in the blog so it has a date stamp. I think it's my own quote--correct me if you've heard it elsewhere.)

I was thinking about current events and I realized that hate is destroying our nation and our species.

I've never been in the position our parents were in--facing down National Guardsmen on college campuses, marching arm-in-arm, being struck by the force of water from a firehose. I am not sure I ever will be. I am a mom, and orphaning my child is a deterrent.

But I'm fired up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

(Oh, geez. I just realized my profile pic looks a bit Don't worry. It's from an 80s party 2 years ago.)

OK, Zipsters, here's the quick and dirty: DJ Zip is still at Toscana every Thursday--start time changes to 7:30 either this week or next week. Stay tuned (ie, watch Facebook) for updates. Still celebrating Wilmington After Work Wednesdays every other week at Deep Blue, 5-9pm (specials run 5-7pm). Next Deep Blue date is 1/20. More DJ weeklies at the bottom of the page.

Now to the aforementioned charity and decadence:
Vita Does Public House...for Charity

Vita (yes, that's right, Vita...not Zip) has been asked to guest bartend at Public House, this Saturday (1/16) from 9pm to close. Public House told her she could keep the tips, but I encouraged her to give it up...for charity. Vita is charitable, but not great at making choices, so she has issued a challenge: the tips will go to whatever charity is best represented at the bar.

How does it work? Show up, sign in (Zip will be in charge of the clipboard) and indicate what charity you are representing. Vita will make the final decision at the end of the night. In the event of a tie, the tips will be split. Be warned--these things get competitive (anybody remember the Wilmington Skate Project celebrity bartender scandal?). At the end of the night, people may change their charity selection, so feel free to schmooze and campaign the "singles" to your heart's content. Example: So, say American ADD Society brings one person, Downtown Theater Troupe brings 10 and Chiropractors for Retired Ravers brings 10. The ADD rep could change his or her vote in support of DTT or CRR --- FTW!

Public House is offering a $30 open bar package: it's from 9-11pm and covers all beer, all glass wine and all call liquor drinks, i.e. Jack, Captain, etc. (it doesn't cover shots, rocks drinks, martinis or monster drinks). Bracelets are involved. Dress code is no sneakers, no hats, no sportswear. Zip's off duty that night, so I say feel free to torture the house DJ with your requests.

Walter's Speakeasy Celebrates Mardi Gras...1920's Style!

Saturday, 1/30/10 – Knock softly and speak easy—Walter's Speakeasy is back! And this month, we celebrate Mardi Gras…1920s style. Grab your beads, your boa or your mask and laissez…well, you know the rest. A bi-monthly event, Walter’s Speakeasy is nightlife with a retro twist; designed for frolicking, dancing and showing off your fun side, while seeing a facet of Walter’s Steakhouse few experience. Drink specials, food discounts, giveaways, house beats and vintage ditties will delight cake-eaters and tomatoes alike (ages 21-101), from 9pm ‘til last call.

While you won’t pay a cover charge, you will need directions and stealth: the hidden entrance to Walter’s Speakeasy is somewhere near 8th and Union Streets. Get directions, your secret knock and password (in other words, RSVP) by contacting Vita Notturna (email or call 302-588-3266).

Extra bits:

· Before there were cheap plastic Mardi Gras beads, there were Czech glass necklaces, introduced in the 1920s. Most didn’t survive the toss from the Krewe of Rex’s float, but see if you can find some in grandma's attic. And grab a fur collar or fedora while you're at it. Mardi Gras attire welcome.

· Flapper/tail-coat style not your thing? Try a little black dress or jeans and a vest. Or throw a boa over your black tee—you know you have one in your Halloween box.

· Join the free “House of Beef” rewards program and receive a gift card at the end of the night.

· A cigar girl—Kobe beef cigars, that is—will offer up her tray of delights throughout the evening.

So what was your New Year's Resolution? A couple of years ago, I decided to "go to one arts event per month, regardless of the cost." That has snowballed into me going to 2-4 arts events a month. This year it was "give more to charity." I signed up to have $10 a month debited for one charity. There's a $120 donation right there. If you could handle $10 a month, I suggest finding a charity and making it happen--it will make a huge difference. Good things start with a single step.

Other things--Vita says "Google 'em":

  • Delaware Sports League ROXIE Awards -- Friday, January 15
  • Grapes and Cultures - 15 cheeses/30 wines/Sherry and Chocolate for $24 at Union City Grille -- Wednesday, January 20. If you missed the last one, you don't want to miss this one. THIS WILL SELL OUT.
  • Wine Tasting Wednesdays - experience Greenville shopping (special sales), while tasting wine and supporting Delaware Children's Museum -- Wednesday, January 20
  • Delaware Theatre Co.'s Wine Feast and Auction--two nights this year--2/4-2/5
  • Art Loop - 2/5
  • Bingo-A-Go-Go: monthly, next one is Sunday, 2/7
  • "Get Involved" Mixer, 2/10
  • Trolley Nights--shopping, sampling, deals (unofficial after party with Zip!), 2/11
  • Vita & Zip birthday celebrations -- sometime between 2/19 and 2/26 -- we're racking up big numbers this year
  • Red Ribbon Runway (with Zip!) - 2/27

Other DJs 'tings:
PDub at Thorobreads for happy hour on Thursdays and Toscana for Pizza Party Fridays
Avery at Pan Tai for Wednesday late night and DJ Bis is there this Friday, January 15th for late night
LuVitt at Metro for Miami Thursdays

Questions or concerns?

Call Vita Notturna